Weekend Walks


There's something about going for a walk right after waking up that is so refreshing and uplifting. A 1 hour morning walk, not only slips in a nice bit of exercise, but sets me up for a good day. Yes, yes I know sometimes it is painfully gruelling dragging yourself out of bed early on a Saturday or Sunday morning when the urge to lay there all day is calling (which is me everyday). But personally I know that if I was to give in, my day would just spiral into a very unproductive day and when you're someone who is usually unproductive and procrastinates you need small things to motivate you.           


Tip - I find that leaving a bottle next to my bed and gulping down a good amount of water when I get up not only hydrates my parched mouth but wakes me up instantly and energises me that extra needed bit.

Despite me actually having time on weekend mornings to plan a nice outfit, I usually end up throwing on the first few things I see. As rummaging through my wardrobe would only postpone me more. I shove on minimal make-up - just so then my glorious under eye bags don't make me look so zombified. Of course I don't skip cleaning my teeth because who likes morning breath? Within about 10 minutes of getting up I'm out the door.

I'm fortunate to live only a 5 minute walk from a nice little woods and though I have walked every inch of it many times I still find it amazing. One of my favourite things about walking through them in the mornings is that the birds are singing their beautiful morning calls, the air of a new day feels and smells so fresh, and with very few people up and about you get completely taken away. It definitely relieves all the stress from school or work during the week.

I decided to take my camera the today but I personally don't think the pictures show how beautiful subtle elements are, for example the sheer size of the tree below and how it looks as it it is rising out the ground portraying a fairytale atmosphere as well as the vines wrapped around the trees and the little trickle of water from inside the tree - which seems to remind me of films like 'Epic' and having tiny little people running around. (That felt a bit analytical and deep haha).

Tall tree

Vines around trees

Tree with a little stream

And of course you can't forget the cute little woodland creatures - which are quite difficult to capture.




Blue tit

Undoubtedly when I arrive back home, my morning groggyness is gone and I'm ready to tuck into a healthy breakfast. By going for a walk I feel as if I'm more motivated to do a somewhat productive thing with my day.

''In all the things of nature there is something of the marvellous'' Aristotle 

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