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Avocado treatment wax beauty formulas review

I've had this product for definitely more than a year now and rediscovered it in the bottom of a box a few weeks ago. How could I have forgot about it? I used to use it once every 2-3 weeks! Supposedly, you could say I have really slackened off, since this time last year, on taking care of my hair. Tut tut, I know. But as I have been going swimming a least twice a week ,and still yet to purchase a swimming cap, I thought it'd probably be in my best interest to polish up my hair care routine.

I'd say the avocado treatment wax is aimed towards people with dry, damaged hair as it is an intensive deep conditioner, which claims to restore softness,shine and lustre. As the treatment contains pure avocado oil so it provides nourishment for the hair. In my opinion I'd definitely agree with that! After using this product I instantly see and feel a difference, I can't even describe how soft my hair feels. However, if I don't wash it thoroughly enough I am left with greasy hair.

You use the product like a hair mask after shampooing by applying to towel dried hair, then wrapping in a warm damp towel for around 5-10 minutes. I usually leave it on for about 10-12 minutes, whilst letting a face mask get to work too. When you are massaging the wax into your scalp it feels amazing, its nice a cooling and just glides into your hair without it getting all tangled - which I find happens sometimes when using hair masks. 

Personally, I don't like the smell of it and because I find it leaves a scent on my hair after washing it out, I generally just apply a nice smelling conditioner to mask it's scent. But the purpose of the product isn't to make my hair smell nice so that's not really an affecting factor.

I'm unsure of where I originally picked up this tub from but you can find it on the beauty formulas website, which is priced a £5.99. Or you can purchase it from amazon for £1! I am without a doubt, grabbing myself another tub because it is a very inexpensive product that truly works well. I'm unable to compare it to any high end products as of yet, but maybe sometime soon I will see if anything can top this.

        In a nutshell

               + Does what it claims
               + Inexpensive
               + Easy Application
               + Quick results

               - Can leave hair greasy if not thoroughly washed out
               - Doesn't have a great scent

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