Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset.


Sunset over moors

So I managed to cross off another thing from my summer bucket list, well at least half of one because I've yet got to find the will power to wake up before sunrise, as well as waiting for a forecast of clear skies (we'll just use that as the excuse for now). Just my luck that when I changed in my pyjamas the other evening, the weather cleared up after a day a cloudiness and rain, which was rather annoying as I'd been out all day. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity so made a spontaneous decision to just head up onto the moors. I quickly changed first, of course.

sunset walk uphill with family next to horse field with the moon showing

My brothers came and tagged along and the picture above is the result of saying to them that you need to power walk because the sun was quickly disappearing - they ran ahead. But they kindly waited for me - sibling love (it doesn't happen often). 

boys sitting on fence

Oh, the feeling I got when I reached this point and was so close to the top. I was completely and utterly out of breath, but the sun was almost gone so we were determined to carry on.


Whilst having a quick snack once we'd reached the top, we watched the sun light up the horizon as the moon rose behind us. 

tower and sunset

It was that clear that evening that we where able to see Blackpool tower and the sea, which isn't often as it's usually too cloudy - baring in mind we live around 33 miles away.

sunset and view of blackpool tower from the distance

It was a bit of a rushed decision but I'm happy I did it and my brothers enjoyed it too and I have some great pictures to show that. But I left them of this blog post because they are utterly embarrassing - we are pulling very ''attractive'' faces in all of them. 

Hopefully there will be a sunrise blog post coming some time soon.

''Get outside. Watch the sunrise. Watch the sunset. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel big or tiny? Because there's something good about feeling both.'' - Amy Grant 

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