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Somehow we are already in August. Where has this year gone, it feels like it's flown by. To be honest I feel every year goes by quicker and quicker, and I'm only 17! 

Just the other day I was looking through photos on my laptop from holidays and concerts, the memories they brought back put a smile on my face. It was so nice to just sit and enjoy looking through these photos and feel very grateful that I've been able to create so many great memories.

But another thing struck me while I was looking at my concert photos - was I just living the moment through my camera? I've seen a lot of comments on this topic recently, how many think we no longer 'live in the moment' but instead through screens. To an extent, I personally, think this is true. I mean, just look around you next time you are at a concert, spending time with family or on holiday. How many people have a camera or phone in hand? Are you one of those people who has a item of technology between your eyes and the event?

However, as I said I only agree with that opinion to an extent because though it may feel like technology takes some of the sentimental value from the moment, it also enables us to reminisce in years to come. We are able to almost re-live that moment in are mind. Photos and videos allow us to never forget ,even little events such as a meal out with friends, when we are of old age. We are practically building up a document of of lives so we can share our stories in a visual way to the next generations. And I love the thought of that. Especially as I have been looking through my grandmas photo albums. 

What are your opinions? 

''What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce'' - Karl Lagerfeld

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