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My 1 month kickstart to a healthy lifestyle

I thought I would probably be best to start off by saying that I wasn't as enthusiastic and didn't enjoy this week as much as I made out like I would. Not to make up excuses but I think it was down to the fact that in the first few days I was full of an annoying cold and I'll admit it did mean my effort each day slacked - to the point where I didn't even bother to complete the first video yesterday...Oops.

Moving on. Day 26, well that was a killer, personally I think that has been the hardest day of the calender and I think the 8 minute abs has grown on me. But the sense of achievement when I completed all the videos was amazing!

If you read my previous posts, you'd know that I was struggling slightly with the pilates stance and I felt as though I was straining my neck, I can happily say I think I've mastered it. During day 26, which consisted of a lot of moves that required me to use my abs to keep me up rather than straining my neck, and I didn't feel any pain throughout the workout or the next day. Which is fantastic!

Blogilates beginners calendar
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Although, this week wasn't the most successful or motivated and was a slight disappointing end to the calender, I feel like I've made such an improvement from a month ago. When I began the calender, I never set out the goal to be to lose weight or anything like that, it was purely to kick-start living a healthier lifestyle (and to get nicely toned up along the way). I think I have been successful in that sense, as I've not only noticed a huge improvement in my strength, endurance and flexibility but also the reward of a on going physical change. That's one thing I think everybody should keep in mind, 'it is an on going thing, you're in progress, loading'. If I was to now give up after the huge leap to start, then all the hard work on this month would gradually disappear. 

As I have now reached day 28, it means the calender is complete and I do have the option to possibly move on to Cassey's monthly calenders she brings out. However, I don't feel as though I'm ready for that, which is completely find and if you are in a similar situation to me just remember something Cassey said ''do what you can and do it well''. I'm going to use that phrase to motivate me through another month following the beginners calender and because the leap of introducing exercise to my life has been made, this month I hope to incorporate a healthier diet along side the calender. It's all about the gradual steps! You can't reach the other side of the river by jumping, you need the help of stepping stones.

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''You do what you can and you do it well'' - Cassey Ho

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