Blogilates Beginner's Calendar | Day 7?!


In my summer bucket list I listed that I wanted to exercise at least 3 times a week. I managed to go swimming after 7 years - which I have actually somehow managed to keep up going at least once a week. However, I wanted to do something a little more, to get myself a toned up a little. I was determined. Motivated. Well, for about a week. 

I came across Blogilates a few months ago. For those who don't know of Blogilaties, it is a YouTube channel run by the lovely Cassey Ho. She uploads upbeat, fun pilate style workout videos which I personally love as her teaching style keeps you motivated and pushing through till the end. At first I didn't make any effort to do any of the videos. A new video of Cassey's would pop up every now and then in my subscription box, which I would ignore - until a few weeks ago at the beginning of summer. I was then led to her website where I discovered her beginners workout calendar and within an hour I had already completed day one.

Blogilates beginners calendar

I made it to day 3. Didn't reach day 4 though. When the day came around where I decided to do day 4's workout, I probably should of been on something like day 12. So I made the decision to begin the calender again. 

Day 4 done! Not followed by day 5. Once again this missing just one day turned into a week. However, I do have an excuse for this failed attempt - I stayed at my dad's for 4 days, where there is no internet (I somehow survived). So I restarted.

Day 7?! The first week is complete! This sense of achievement in addition to feeling physically great has given me a boost of motivation. I would say day 1 and 2 where the hardest as it felt as if I was trying to complete a chore, but by day 6 I was looking forward to my chance to workout. Which is something I thought I'd never say, lets hope it keeps up!

I personally thought day 5 was the hardest and was unable to complete the last video but I made sure that didn't stop me wanting to carry on on day 6, the day which was my favourite. The stretching felt absolutely amazing and that 'What Makes You Bootiful' workout, wow definitely felt that!

Are you a fan of Cassey's workouts? 

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''Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.'' - Arthur Ashe

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