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Week 2 is complete! Well not every video. I did miss a few videos on a few days. Hey, but at least I did 1 video a day - which is good if you're an unfit person like me. Though I definitely feel stronger towards the end of this week opposed to week 1. This week I see a difference in my legs, whereas last week it was mainly my stomach. I feel like there is more definition and my legs are starting to feel more firm and muscular. It motivates me.

I'd have to say my favourite two workout videos this week are two that also came up last week - the 'Pick me up quickie workout' and 'Feel good soul stretches'. I'd definitely recommend you try those to out.

One workout video that I'm not so keen on, which just so happened to pop up twice throughout the week, is the 8 minute abs. I can start off fine and can get through the first 3/4 exercises but then I just collapse because me neck hurts. Cassey does remind you to use your core to hold you up, to save straining your neck, and even though I do feel like I'm using my core I equally feel like I'm straining my neck. So I'm setting myself the aim to learn how to do this pilates stance correctly.

The video that killed me this week - 'Call me maybe squats'. Wow I had to take a few breaks. And sure do feel it today, walking to and from college like a penguin. Its all good fun! Who knows maybe next time the video pops up I'll be able to fully complete it.

This gradual healthy change I'm making is going well and it's becoming more enjoyable. Remember it only takes 21 days to create a habit! Why postpone those 3 weeks?

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''Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.'' - Jim Ryun

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  1. I love her she is a workout god! I know what you mean about pulling my neck though but I find that the more I practiced the less strain I felt!

    1. I agree! Her bubble personality is so motivating and its good to know I'm not the only one who has felt a slight strain.