Blogilates Beginner's Calendar | Has It Become A Habit?


So it's day 21. I've managed to keep this up for 3 whole weeks now without needing to restart - unlike my previous 'attempts'. As I said last week, it apparently only takes 21 days to form a new habit! I feel as though I am very close to happily saying that I look forward to working out, hopefully I will say that with more confidence at the end of next week.

Blogilates beginners calendar

Unlike at the end of the previous two weeks, this week I don't feel physically stronger, healthier and fitter. Also I haven't really noticed any physically changes and as the week progressed I did lose a little bit of motivation because of this, but I powered through as the feeling after completing the videos beats the feeling of regret if you keep pushing it to one side. 

Cassey's stretching videos are definitely some of my favourites, not only do I find stretching extremely relaxing and stress relieving, but that slight pain you feel in your muscles is just amazing! Am I weird for thinking this? However, it wasn't until this morning that I realised how much my flexibility had improved. I mean I've never been very inflexible but at the same time I've never been able to do the splits, or place my head on the floor while sitting in a straddle position. But this morning I casually just starting stretching and was able to do a lot more flexible things, well not the splits just yet. 

Last week I mentioned I was struggling with certain positions as I felt I was straining my neck, I've noticed a bigger improvement in that this week - although there weren't many videos that consisted of those positions. 

 Blogilates beginners calendar

This week I can't say there where any videos that I disliked! So its just straight onto the ones I loved. Apart from the stretching videos, of course, I really enjoyed Serious Standing Pilates for Legs, Butt & Obliques and Legs and Thighs Workout. Similar to the What Makes You Bootiful I will say that the legs and thighs one at times feels a little sexual, but they both made a huge impact the next day. Wow!

Onto week 4 I go. There's only one more week to complete! I'm going to be thinking over the next week what to do once I finished the calender. 

What did you do, plan to or suggest to do after finishing it?

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'' I have discovered that, important as self-discipline is to a child, it is increasingly important as one grows older, Then it is really essential for your well being to regulate you life and habits in a sensible way.'' - Eleanor Roosevelt

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