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Special birthday box, present gift idea, for parents and grandparents

Today is my mums birthday and unlike past years, where I have just given her a simple generic gift, I wanted to make this years something special. There's always that one person who is hard to buy for - in my case that's my mum. She isn't a make up person, doesn't like scented things and never really states or even hints at particular things. So I popped onto pinterest to try and get some creative ideas. Then I came across Clarina's Contemplations with the idea of finding key events from the year the person was born and then relating gifts to it. It's brilliant!

I went on over to Wikipedia and found key events of the year she was born and began brainstorming related gift ideas, baring in mind I wanted to include as many home-made things as I could - that's one thing I know she loves.  This was a few weeks ago so I thought I was doing well, not leaving things to the last minute as usual. But then I got really busy and only managed to pick up my list of supplies earlier this week. This then meant that my brothers and I had only 1 day to put it all together - yesterday. 

Special birthday box, present gift idea, for parents and grandparents
Excuse our wrapping skills
Special birthday box, present gift idea, for parents and grandparents

One thing I found quite funny though is the fact that each day this past week, I've had to sneak a few things from the kitchen (cake tin, electric whisk, flour etc) and gather them in a hidden box in my room. As we went to my dads to put the gift together and bake the goodies, so we wouldn't need to kick my mum out the house for a day, but he isn't much of a baker so has literally no baking utensils or ingredients. I'm not sure whether my mum noticed the things disappearing or not.

Yesterday was none stop! I was up and out the door by nine, had a hair appointment first, then it was a day with my brothers full of crafts, baking a birthday cake and biscuits and wrapping - lots of wrapping. We can't forget the licking of the bowls and eating the leftover biscuits mmmmmm.

vanilla cookies dipped in chocolate

The gifts each had a tag on them with the key event and a little message so she'd understand how we are relating them. We bought one of those big cards and a balloon to go along side the birthday box and presented them to her with the delicious cake - yum! She loved it and because we had been thoughtful about it all, it was much more satisfying watching her open them. 

chocolate cake

I'd highly recommend doing this idea for someone special for their birthday, it's a way of showing them you care as you've put time, thought and effort into it. 

''Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember. It's all about the memories.'' - Buddy Valastro

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  1. I love the idea of themeing a gift around events from the year someone was born, that's really cool.

    1. I think it makes it more personalised, you should try it some time