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As many of you may probably know, the world of YouTube is blowing up. I mean a few years ago when I subscribed to my first channel, JacksGap, YouTubers where just random people who posted videos on the internet and where only known on the internet. I know there are exceptions. But over the past year that has all been changing, we've had musicians releasing singles and EP's, books being published, make-up ranges being launched and new radio show hosts. And I can happily say that I have been able to watch this progression and those who have grown to achieve great things. I'd just like to congratulate all the YouTuber's out there, there's too many to name, on the things they have achieved. 

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I thought I'd write this blog post to share with you 3 of my favourite YouTuber's who aren't necessarily the biggest and most well known. Well the first one you probably will of heard of as she is also a blogger - Sprinkle of Glitter. I love her! She has such a contagious happiness about her, I mean whoever she is with seems to end up smiling and laughing and I am doing the same thing whilst watching her videos. But at the same time she is just so true and down to earth. If she's upset or having a bad day, it doesn't matter that she doesn't share the things that have happened I respect peoples privacy, but she turns those bad things into a positive thing. She looks at it from a different perspective and shares with us something she has learnt. I'd class her as a kind of mother figure - someone who is caring, cheers you up and tells you that though not everything is good in life, always try to stay positive. 

Next, is a YouTuber who I began watching 4 years ago, before I even signed up to YouTube - Bubzbeauty. I'm not sure how well known she is. I love her skin and hair care videos, I've learnt so much through her beauty videos - it was Bubz who first introduced me to taking care of my skin and I thank her so much for the many DIY beauty videos that actually work! She really explains why the ingredients and what you are doing is beneficial. I definitely recommend you check some out and try a few. About a year ago I discovered her vlogging channel and have never missed a video! 'A daily dose of happiness' is the tagline for her vlogs and it is completely true. I love the way she edits them so that its over a few days in one, unlike many other vlogging channels that can get a little tedious. She small talks about the little things in life she does throughout the vlogs are so uplifting. Her bubbly personality never fails to cheer me up. She has a nice soothing calm tone and shows how thankful for things she is. Like wise with Louise, she is true and down to earth and isn't afraid to show you that there are ups and downs in life but the good will always return. I just feel so special as well to have seen her life change so much over the past year from getting married to having baby Isaac - who is just adorable. 

Last but not least is breelovesbeauty, like the other 2, I enjoy watching her vlogs - but just that little bit more. I only discovered Cambria a year ago and I am so thankful I did! She is so inspiring, the video where she spoke about her eating disorder, how she overcome it and how she motivated herself to live a healthier lifestyle - struck me. I wasn't in the best place around this time and when I was going back through her videos and came across this that I realised how we never see the full person and personalities of YouTuber's, famous people etc and that everybody go's through struggles. And through Cambria sharing this video it helped me lift myself up before I almost got 'to deep'. Not only that, but she inspired and motivated me to start the journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Which took me a while. But she knows what she is talking about in her healthy food videos, unlike a lot of beauty gurus out there. A recent addition to her channel is her bible study series and I know that it won't appeal to everyone but since watching her vlogs and watching how she approaches life, the way she tries to stay positive has really opened me up to learning more about the bible and Christianity. I did used to go to church up to the age of 5/6, but sadly can't remember much - so I look forward to watching this series.

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