Simple Kind To Skin - Rich Moisturiser


As we are now transitioning into the colder months and harsher weather, our skin usually changes too. For me I tend to get dry flaky patches, mostly between my eyebrows and on and around my nose. But of course its not just as simple as that, as I also continue to get oily throughout the day - luckily not as much as in summer. 

I have the annoying combination type skin, I have an oily t-zone, which also gets very dry but then to top it off I have normal cheeks. Finding skincare products that work well for me is difficult! I can't really buy products that sway for oily skin, otherwise my skin dries out and begins to flake and on the other hand I can't go for products aimed at dry skin or I'm like a grease ball. Products aimed at combination and normal skin are usually my best bet, but they don't always work. So it means that when I find a product that truly works I just don't budge from it! 

Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser

Simple's rich moisturiser is by far one of the best products I've come across that caters for my skin perfectly. Although it states its a rich moisturiser and you'd expect that to mean that those who suffer with oily skin are going to look greasy pretty fast, I've never experienced that - which is great! It definitely does what it claims ''Like a desert needs the rain and a digestive needs to be dunked,this gives drier skin the moisture it craves, with none of the slippery after effects.''

I actually discovered this product towards the end of 2012 when I picked up a travel size for going skiing, as the conditions on the mountains would dry most peoples skin up like crazy. Since then I've never bought or even tried another moisturiser! Seeing as I've just picked up another bottle I decided it's probably a good time to write a review on it. 

Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser

I use it both morning and night right after cleansing my face. It's really easy to apply, it's smooth and soaks into the skin pretty fast - which is great in the morning when you're wanting to apply make-up straight after. 

Usually, if I have flaky patches arising I'll just apply a little more in that area and that does the trick. This moisturiser does not feel heavy or greasy at all! At only £3.99 a bottle from Superdrug what's not to love.Also, as an added bonus, the bottle lasts me ages!

Simple kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser

I'd definitely recommend you try this product out if you have similar skin to me, or even if you just want to try something new - it's a keeper.

In a nutshell
+ Inexpensive
+ Does what it claims
+ Not greasy
+ Great for both day and night
+ Great all year round

I have no faults with it!

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