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At the beginning of this year I had a sudden change of heart about what I wanted to do after I left college and the path I would like to take in the future - which is something I never thought would happen and neither did those around me. I've always been more of a creative person and from the age of around 9/10 I developed a big interest in film and TV production and would spend hours watching the behind the scenes footage on DVD's and later on YouTube. I just felt as though a job in that area would suit me well and it would be something I'd enjoy. I got looking into how I could enter this field and came across quite a few apprenticeships and internships to help build skills and knowledge and I was set on finishing college and finding something like this to do.

Although I still love the idea of working in a creative environment like that, I recently became really interested in psychology. I simply picked to do it at A level because it not only sounded intriguing, but I needed something to fill my options. Within a few months of studying it, I decided I wanted to study it further after college - so began looking into universities. 

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Before this, I was against going to uni as I originally wanted to learn while doing, but the idea of studying psychology further and more in depth excites me now. Over the past few months I've been attending open days, not really knowing what to be looking for. And after attending my last one the other day I thought I'd share this big step with you.

I'm not going to lie, it does scare me. The fact that me, someone who still looks about 13, someone who would much rather spend my time at home in the kitchen and on my laptop than out with friends and 'partying' and someone who still likes to think I'm too young to be going off into the bigger world. But I'm thinking about it in a positive way - I'll be learning about something I really enjoy and living in a new place.

Out of the uni's I have visited, I've got an idea of the 1 or 2 I would love to go to. There was a particular one that stood out simply because that day we saw a beautiful sunrise, 3 rainbows, found a penny heads up and a bird pooped on the car - so muck for luck. I seriously wish I had taken my camera (I need to get into the habit of taking it everywhere with me).We can't forget the 2 hour traffic jam on the way home - it's like the place didn't want me to leave. 

Are any of you currently applying to university or are you taking a different route? Or are you currently at university and have any advice to share because I'd love to know!    

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