7 Annoying Problems When Wearing Glasses


I felt like writing a different type of post today as the other day I realised we've hit that point of the year where it's cold outside and whenever you walk indoors the warmth engulfs you. Any fellow glasses wearers out there will understand the annoyance of this.

I have had glasses since the age of 6/7 and started wearing them full time when I was around 12. Over the years I have created a small list of things that don't exactly frustrate or anger me, they are just those little niggles that make you complain sometimes. So I thought I'd share 7 of those with you and hopefully, if you where glasses too, you can relate to them.

1. Steaming Up
Like I mentioned above, walking into a warm building when it's cold outside and steaming up causing you to become lose vision temporarily. There are also other occasions when this happens such as drinking hot drinks or opening the oven door and not being able to see your food is cooked with the addition of being in the dangerous situation of being briefly unable to see whilst around hot objects. 

2. Rain. 
Seriously, when people say there should be window wipers for glasses, there really should be. I just love, once again, not being able to see clearly through the things that are there to improve my vision.

3. Smudges. 
This one does apply to the ones above as well. I just find that the majority of the time when I go to clean me glasses, I only make it worse. Try and wipe away the steam - it turns to water. Try and wipe away rain - it just combines all the raindrops into one big one. Leave the rain drops and they leave water marks and smudges. Try and wipe away smudges using glasses wipes - success! Only to find that moments later another mark has appeared.

4. 3D glasses. 
I rarely go and watch 3D films because it is just really uncomfortable balancing 2 pairs of glasses on your face. The 3D glasses are usually really close to the tip of your nose and because they don't sit nicely behind your ears, as your normal glasses fill that space, you make a move and of your face they come.

5. Face masks. 
I like wearing face masks every now and then. But I have to time it so that I know I won't be doing anything for 10 - 30 minutes  (depending on the mask). Why? Because I can't wear my glasses throughout that time as it gets all over my frames. Trying to get honey out of the hinges is a difficult job. I wouldn't mind it if I could do things without my glasses on but I end up straining my eyes as I am very short sighted.

6. Lying on your side. 
I used to love lying on my side while watching a film, reading a book, being on my laptop. But it's just uncomfortable to do whilst wearing glasses. Not only do you get the frame digging into your nose and behind your ear, I am scared of breaking them. And like I said in the previous one its not like I could just take my glasses off. 

7. Questions and remarks.
Last but not least, the constant questions and remarks. I don't know what the fascination is with glasses to those who don't wear them, but continual questions like ''can I try your glasses on?'' or ''how many fingers am I holding up?'' do get tedious. Even if I've known the person for a few years they still pop out the questions. In addition to this, if we do let you try our glasses on, you don't need to make the remark on my sight, saying ''wow you are blind'' won't surprise me - I already know this and that is why I am wearing the glasses. 

I hoped you liked this different style, and I may do more in the future. Can any of you relate to these? Or do you have niggles of your own - I'd love to hear them! 

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  1. Aw bless you , xox


    1. Hahaha, thanks for reading : )

  2. Haha so true!! Let's follow each other on G+ and Instagram :)!

    1. Have done, but I don't have instagram :/

  3. This is so true! The ones I hate the most is when I want to lie on my side but then I'd have to take my glasses off and it's so irritating! Another one is when people always ask to wear my glasses then say "whoa, you're blind" like yeah, hence why I'm wearing them!

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

    1. I'm always scared of snapping them ahaha, thanks for reading :)