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12 Days of christmas

It's somehow only 12 days till Christmas! I thought it'd be a great idea to list 12 things to do in the days leading up to Christmas, sort of like an activities mini advent calendar. Since schools will be breaking up from Christmas within the next week, you could have some of these ideas in mind to keep kids (and the whole family) occupied and not glued to the TV. Knowing me I will do a a few one day and nothing the next. But, I'm going to aim to do everything!

I'd love to see if some of you guys do anything from the list, or anything else you've got planned in the run up to Christmas.

Homemade DIY felt tree decorations
From A Feathered Nest

1. Make felt tree decorations. 
I found some really cute ones on pinterest that I definitely want to make. (links - bird, puddings )

2. Go see a pantomime. 
I used to love going to see a different one every year in primary school, but have never been to one since. They are a great little treat to enjoy on a December evenings and always make you feel festive.

3. Donate to your local food bank.
I think at this time of year, especially, we forget about those who are less fortunate. By simply taking a bag of tins, biscuits, pasta etc, you could give someone the chance to enjoy a Christmas dinner who may not be able to otherwise.

DIY gift ideas - gift in a bauble

4. Make a special gift for someone. 
Home-made gifts are always a lovely thing to receive. They are great for giving to parents and grandparents! Here are some ideas - Gift In A Bauble, Chocolate Candy Cane Hearts

5. Take a festive family photo. 
So many memories are created at Christmas and having a photo to look at a remind you of the great times is something special to treasure. Why not start a scrapbook, you could gather together past Christmas photos, and carry it on every year. You could include all other holidays aswell!

6. Attend a carol service.
Sometimes we get too caught up in the bustle around Christmas, getting stressed and forgetting what Christmas is about. Not only does a carol service bring the community together, it makes you think about why we are celebrating. Also I love the sound from a carol service, it's so relaxing!

winter walk. Shot of holly

7. Wrap up warm and take a wintry walk.
Walks in winter are so lovely. Wearing your hats, scarves and gloves and your nose getting cold and red. There's frost and possibly snow. Then when you get back home, the comforting warmth as you walk through the door. We love going for a walk on Christmas eve.

8. Make paper snowflakes.
These are so easy to make and so cute. With so many different patterns to make, you could be at it for hours whilst watching a film and drinking hot chocolate.

9. Make salt dough ornaments.
This is a another thing I remember doing in primary school. I think I still have the ornament I made.  

Christmas cookies
From Call Me Cupcakes
10. Bake Christmas cookies.
The smell of baking is like 10x better during winter! I can't wait to get back in the kitchen and bake some more delicious treats. Here are some recipes I want to give a go - GingerbreadCandy Cane Chocolate and Pistachio & Cranberry

11. Drink a hot chocolate.
What are the holidays without enjoying at least one hot chocolate? Go all out - cream, marshmallows and a candy cane.

12. Watch a Christmas film.
Nothing beats a good Christmas film. Some of my favourites are 'The Grinch', 'Elf' and 'The Polar Express'. What are yours?

christmas films - the grinch, elf, the polar express, a christmas carol

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  1. Making salt dough ornaments is totally on my list! I've wanted to make paw print ones from my dogs for ages!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. That would be so cute! I plan on doing it next weekend.