A Festive Trip To The Farmers Market


Yesterday marked the 3rd Sunday of the month, meaning it was time for our annual Christmas trip to the farmer's market, which is held at Houghton Tower. We actually used to go every other month but as it is usually the same things each time and we only really go to a few stalls, so about 3 years ago we decided to keep the trip special by just going the Sunday before Christmas. I decided I'd share bunch of pictures of the variety of stalls and of course the delicious food!

I'm going to go off what is there at Christmas time as the stalls throughout the year may have changed from when we used to go more frequently. 

But as soon as you walk in you come to the veg stall and every year without fail we go straight there to get the brussel sprouts. I know not everyone is a fan of them but personally I love them and look forward to enjoying them only on Christmas. There is some special about getting them still on the stalk and fresh, rather than from a bag in the supermarket. It starts at 10am and we planned on getting there for opening time but I woke up late - usually the case when we are going somewhere. This meant that lots of the veg had gone already as it is a very popular stall.

As you can see boots or wellies are needed! 

Farmers market stall fresh bread

Farmers market stall fresh bread

Farmers market stall fresh bread spiced fruit loaf and spiced fruit teacakes

Oh my goodness, the smell from the bread stalls was amazing! Everything smelt so fresh and delicious! We picked up some soda bread for my grandma and I was drawn to the fruit loafs - which I  now wish I picked up.

Farmers market stall meat and game

We usually always pick up or eat some kind of meat, this time it was some pigs in blankets for Christmas dinner. But if you ever go, have something from the hog roast mmmmmm.

Farmers market stall a range of chocolate

Farmers market stall cakes, pies and maltesers cake

Farmers market stall fresh homemade pies

Farmers market stall jam and chutney

Farmers market stall tasters of christmas pudding cake

Farmers market stall cheese. Lancashire cheese with cranberry. Crumbly. Mature. Leagram

There was your typical stalls such as cakes, pies, chocolate, cheese and jams; but you can never go wrong with them. Obviously, you can't go to something like this without sampling 'some' of the tasters!  

I apologise if your stomach is now rumbling at the sight of all the appetizing food - especially those cakes!

Farmers market stall christmas wreaths

Farmers market stall. Pizza. Woodfired pizza stove oven

Farmers market stall wooden snowmen

Farmers market stall reindeers made out of tree stumps

Farmers market stall reindeers made out of tree stumps

But there was also a variety in stalls. There was your festive one selling wreaths, a wood fired pizza and one that was selling these adorable wooden snowmen and reindeer's made from trees - they also had cute mini ones. 

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  1. It looks so cute! The log reindeer are amazing! Happy Christmas lovely!


    1. Happy Christmas to you too : )

  2. Aw this looks amazing we had nothing like that around here. Merry Christmas. xox


  3. That's a shame, maybe keep an eye out in the new year. Merry Christmas to you too.

  4. I would have spent most of my time at the cheese table!!

    xo, B

    1. Haha, we did spend quite a bit of time there. Usually my brothers are just stood working their way through all the tasters