10 DIY Christmas Gifts


Christmas gift shopping - you can love it and despise it at the same time! Sometimes you can go in some many shops and search endless websites and still find it difficult to find gifts. Then it gets to the point where it's a week till Christmas and you're still searching. I've learnt that it is always best to have some simple, DIY gifts to turn to - that can be put together in the last week. 

Personally, I have found that my family members show a preference of home made gifts over some of the others. I know that parents and grandparents especially will treasure home made gifts. But that doesn't mean you can't give them to friends as well.

I decided to put together a blog post sharing some of my favourite DIY's I've seen this year - and I'm practically doing them all. Most of the ideas only require a quick pop to the shop and the things aren't difficult to find. But there are some that may involve ordering offline.

This post is going to be link galore!

DIY Christmas gifts. owl keyring,candy cane chocolate hears, fudge, cookies in a jar, coasters,sharpie mug

1. Make a calendar
Simply gather together a bunch of pictures and you can either make one yourself on Microsoft publisher/word (templates here and here), order one from online (vistaprint, snapfish) or use a programme like Hallmark Card Studio (which I use get so much use out of). There are so many similar websites, too many to list. 

I've done this before in the past and my parents thought it was a great idea. Personally what I like to do, on the month of someone's birthday, find a really funny or embarrassing photo and set it for that month.

DIY Christmas gifts scrabble coasters
From Intimate Weddings
2. Coasters
You could make them as personal as you want. There are so many DIY coasters you could make! I decided to share my two favourites - 

• Scrabble tiles - I saw this on pinterest a while ago (here) and thought it would make a great gift for those who love the game, crosswords or reading - this suits my grandma perfectly. It's really easy to find scrabble tiles online, especially ebay.

• Photo tiles (here) - Like the calendar, it's another great way to share photos of special moments.

3. Homemade Chocolate Treats 
These are super easy to make and you can mix and match toppings, fillings and chocolate - I have a blog post of this here.

4. Key ring
This is a great little gift that kids can make, I've listed a few of my favourite ideas -

• Felt ones - There are some great ideas on this pinterest board

• Shrinkles - These are an amazing invention and you can buy them from most craft stores. They  have a whole range of different styles (here

• Scratch art - I'd say these are the easiest of the 3 and again can be bought at most craft stores, such as hobbycraft

DIY Christmas gifts simple painted tree in a frame

5. Simple framed art
If you are sat there thinking ''I'm no good at painting, I won't be able to do this one'', think again because this is so easy to do. I chose to do this tree for a gift last year. Simply print out an old style book page like this one, trace or free hand a tree with it's branches bare, then paint over the pencil drawing, let it dry and frame it.

6. Cookies in a jar
Who doesn't love cookies? This a brilliant gift idea for anyone! As there is so much food around at Christmas, it means the person receiving it can store it away for a later date! It is super quick and easy to make, as you don't need to bake them, and the recipe can still be made to suit the person. These two recipes sound delicious!     

DIY Christmas gifts homemade fudge
From Intimate Weddings
7. Homemade fudge
This is a delicious treat, that can be made as a big batch to be given as a gift to lots of people. There are so many flavours to choose from, you could make ordinary fudge or Christmas themed. This is a great easy recipe, and there are also links to a candy cane fudge and maple and walnut fudge! 

8. Gift in a cup
There's quite a lot you could do with this. You could buy a really cute cup from a shop or you personalise one with sharpies or online. My mum and I ordered my brothers personalised mugs from gettingpersonal.

Now time to fill! You could place; candy canes, chocolates (homemade), hot chocolate (this is so cute), hot chocolate stir in spoons (here) etc

DIY Christmas gifts Heart candy cane chocolates
From Nimble Note
9. Heart Candy Canes
I have a blog post here on this delicious treat that would make a great little gift.

10. Gift in a bauble
You could fill it with a cute little gift, some home made, some that aren't. I shared ideas of what you could fill the bauble with a few days ago here

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  1. I adore the cookies in a jar idea, I know lots of people that would be thrilled with it! x


    1. That's for sure! I plan on giving it to my brothers so they have to do the washing up but I still get to enjoy the cookies haha. Thanks for reading

  2. Such lovely ideas! I especially like the gift in a cup one, that's so brilliant, as they can each be customised- love it!!
    Emily xxx
    Emily May- Interior Design

    1. Thanks, and it's great to give to a group of friends

  3. hey check out my blog www.dazzlemxo.blogspot.com

  4. What great ideas . xox


  5. Great ideas! I love making DIY gifts, especially when I was a student, always good to save a bit of money! I used to crochet so it was always super quick to whip up a hat or an eye mask! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I've never tried crochet before, may have to look into that sometime. Thanks for reading : )

  6. I haven't got any Christmas presents yet so this is saving my life!! I loove the scrabble coaster idea, so cool and easy to make, will definitely be making that for somebody :)

    Mara x

    1. I'm spending my weekend making last minute Christmas presents too haha, and I made the scrabble coaster which turned out really well!