School Holidays | Expectations vs Reality


Come the end of this week and many schools and colleges will be having a 2 week break for Easter - I cannot wait! It gets to the last few days of term and we all get that feeling, the slump and complete lack of motivation. Any homework that is given out, is no longer rushed to do so that it's out the way, as you have 2 whole weeks to do it. I also find that during that last week, I find myself getting quite fed up with getting dress. Anything I go to put on I look at with annoyance - as I feel as though I've worn it loads and, the bigger factor, I cannot be bothered to get dressed. I'm really looking forward to wearing lounge clothes practically everyday!

But, with the Easter holidays right around the corner, the list of things we need or want to do is gradually growing. At the beginning of every school holidays, we kind of have expectations of how we want them to go. But, after many school holidays throughout my education, I've come to find that these expectations rarely turn into reality.

• Get all homework done in the first few days so that it’s out the way and not rushed at the last minute.• Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate.
• Revise for those important exams that are right around the corner.• Folders and notebooks remind in your bag until the day before returning to school or college and completely forgetting what it is you’re even learning about.
• Meet up with friends.• Don’t contact them for days…or weeks.
• Tidy your room, clear out unwanted things and do a bit of polishing and hovering.• Add to the mess.
• Exercise. With all that free time, you’ll be able to fit in a workout for sure• Remain in the same spot for hours on end.
• Do some of those Pinterest DIY’s or recipes and create a masterpiece.• Sit down and attempt to choose which ones you want to do, resulting in getting sucked into the world of Pinterest for hours.
• Go make up free.• Decide to ‘experiment’ and put everything you own on your face, then send amazing snap chats to friends and scare your family.
• Pamper yourself.• Look like a scruff for 90% of the time - days without washing your hair, same clothes 3 days in a row, sat with biscuit crumbs all down your front (maybe even in your hair).
• Spend time wisely. Yes, you've got time off, but make some of it productive.• Netflix. Film after film. Complete a whole TV series (or 2). And not leave your room the majority of the time, except for food.

Seeing as I have exams looming as soon as I go back to college I should probably, for once, follow through with the expectations. 

Is there any expectations you'd like to add? Are you someone who can relate to this?

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  1. Haha, all of these are so true sadly. I should be chasing up my final assignment but here I am...


    1. Well at least I'm not alone haha

  2. This is so funny Kathryn, I literally spent the last 5minutes nodding through this post. Totally agree with every point :)


  3. Great post! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7. Lou Lou Girls

    1. Thank you once again Kimberly

  4. Your post gave me a chuckle :) Thank you for sharing with Idea Box link party!