A Lovely Little Adventure (& A Duck)


Over the past week, England has experienced a rare phenomena. It began around Tuesday and lasted a good few days and I'm taking the guess that it will most likely disappear again for a while - as always. Although us English folk aren't completely unknowing of this experience, whenever it does come and say hello, we truly take advantage of it (well at least try to). 

What is it you ask? Nice weather! Blue skies, sunshine and warmth. Yes, it's actually been somewhat warm and I have gone out of the house without a coat; that's coming from someone who has been wrapped up in a big winter coat until this week. However, I wouldn't exactly say my few items of clothing I recently picked up suit the warmer weather (oh how I love my jumpers).

Arches over a river

Like I said, nice weather isn't really that rare for us but it sometimes feels like it with the amount of rainy grey days we get and after the first week of my Easter holidays, being day after day of those dreary days, it was so nice to get outside. I always find it so funny how as soon as we get some sun, everybody seems to be outside, instead of the streets looking like a ghost town, and everywhere you turn you see a man without a shirt on or that smell of a barbecue in the air.

Young boy holding a stick and water
Stone throwing into water
(One of my brothers seems to have an obsession with picking up sticks - he must have been a dog in a previous life)

My family and I decided to go for a lovely walk around a reservoir and have a picnic. Well I say picnic, but it wasn't the stereotypical checked blanket and wicker basket. It was more the case of a reusable shopper bag, slightly squished sandwiches thanks to my mammoth water bottle and having to stand up as my brother decided to take up practically all of the bench. Not very picture worthy, so instead lets look at a duck.


Also, I'm come to realise I frickin love trees! Whenever I'm surrounded by them, I feel so calm, relaxed and happy. I'm able to just let my mind wander and I don't get that 'alone' feeling I get when walking down a street. Come on, just look at how beautiful this tree is! 

Twisted tree

My dad told me of a wood, not so far away, were you can venture off the path - it is definitely in my plans to do!

The birds as well. I just love watching them hop along and then fly off. Have you ever just stopped and listened to bird calls? This is something I did only a few weeks ago and don't you think it's weird that they are having somewhat of a conversation?

sun shining through trees
Trees and greenary
laying down looking up through trees 

How did you spend the days of glorious weather?

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  1. The weather has been so nice!!! I love your pictures and you do make me laugh - "Not very picture worthy, so instead lets look at a duck" hahaha x

    Phoebe’s Diaries

  2. Your photos are stunning! I've been loving the weather this week, it makes me feel so happy and excited for summer! The photo of your brother holding the big stick above his head is amazing! Let's hope this lovely weather continues (we can only hope)

    www.hayleyeszti.com | UK Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you so much and I hope so too : )

  3. Great images! Love going out on treks in places like this - way better than theme parks!! Was wondering what camera you used?

    Pop up over to my blog and see what I'm upto :)



    1. Thank you and I agree, I'm not really a fan of roller coasters. I use the lumix panasonic tz18, it's a pretty good camera for what it is

  4. Gotta say I love love this post!
    And I love love the pictures especially the ones of the trees !!
    Hugs and love,

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day and your photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at What'd You Do This Weekend? I hope you will join us again this Monday morning!

    1. Thank you : ) Yep I'll be joining in next time!

  6. Such lovely photos! I love the ones with the sun shining through the trees :) Very enchanting!

    Emma xx


    1. Aww thank you, I'm tempted to get the printed out and give them to my dad on fathers day