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Today's post wasn't meant to be this. I had another in mind, but I just couldn't formulate my thoughts into sentences or even words - which is one of the most frustrating things I regularly come across. Who knows if those thoughts will ever become a post? Maybe they aren't meant to be. But instead of dwelling on it, I thought I would share some posts I've enjoyed reading in the past few weeks and share a bit of blogging love.

Sharing Some Blogging Love | Blog posts I've enjoyed reading recently - Nimble Note

I've often heard references to lucid dreaming, but had no idea that you could train yourself to do it! After reading Tegan's post, I have begun putting the steps into practice firstly by dream journalling. It can't say I've got into the habit of waking up and automatically jotting down dreams just yet, but I'm going to try my hardest to as I love reading back over them and remembering them - even though it's only been a week, it's surprising how fast you actually forget dreams. Have you ever tried or experienced lucid dreaming?

This is just one of those posts you need. A nice little pick me up post. Do I need to say anymore?!

I really related to this post by Lauren and let me tell you how good that feels, to know you aren't the only one feeling a certain way; when sometimes it feels like you are. It was almost like she wrote from my mind! 

I've wanted to travel for quite some time now. I love pinning cute little destinations or travel tips on pinterest, it just makes you want to hope on a plane or train and take off for a while. I've recently got into watching psychotraveller on youtube, she shares tips for travelling cheap which are very helpful as it is the only way I'd be able to do it. 

A few weeks ago, I was actually so close to booking a flight to Amsterdam for either £71 or £91 (I can't remember) and then a hostel for 2 nights for £47?!? But I opted out because I'd be going by myself which I didn't want to do because 1) I'd prefer to go with someone else for safety reasons, especially if it was my first time travelling and 2) I have no idea about airports and flying as I've only flown once and that was in a school group so checking in was in a big group. But hopefully I will be able to plan sometime maybe for next year!

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  1. I know the frustration of dwelling on a blog post but the words just don't seem to fall into place. I do like this "blogging love" post though! I'm very interested in lucid dreaming - in the past I have tried to write my dreams upon waking, but these days when I am woken by my baby I find it hard to remember many of my dreams. I do hope to experience lucid dreaming in the future though!

    1. It's forgotten about now which may be why I couldn't find the words to say what I wanted - it just wasn't meant to be shared. And it's hard to remember to note dreams, I keep forgetting recently haha

  2. This is a great post! I think we all sometimes get that blogging block. I just jot down notes and words until I can figure out what i want to say (sometimes it eve turns into two posts!).
    These all sound like great articles. Can't wait to check them out!
    xx, Pia

    1. Thank you, I'll remember to do that in the future : )

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