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 I'm back again today with another 'What I Ate Today' post. One, because I love watching/reading them. Two, because I love sharing my meals. Three, because they are great for inspiration.

In my previous what I ate, I mentioned that I was 95% plant based. But then like a few days later, I was just like ''nope, I'm not supporting the dairy or egg industry''. So I'm now 100% vegan. I'm thinking of maybe doing another post on it; I'd love to know if you guys are interested in that.

What I Ate Today | Vegan

 Anyway now onto what I ate the other day (because then I have time to edit the photos and write the post without feeling rushed like I would be if I shared on the same day).


I started my day the same as any other by drinking as much water as I felt I needed the moment I woke up, then made a cup of tea followed by my lemon tea - gotta get hydrated in the morning! Just so these posts don't get monotonous, I'm not always going to include pictures of them.

Afterwards, I made myself a delicious mango and banana smoothie bowl - literally on of my favourite things, but I don't have it often as mangoes can get expensive (hmmm, I may need to start bulk buying). Let me tell you, the mango I used was so sweet and juicy, perfectly ripened! I remember when I first tried mango, I hated it! Why? Well it was because it wasn't ripe.

I topped the smoothie bowl with some oats, coconut and dried figs (which I used up and need to pick up some more, but Lidl has stopped selling them and they were so cheap at only 50p for quite a lot - sad times).

Mango & Banana Smoothie Bowl - What I Ate Today | Vegan


It was one of those days were hunger just crept up on me, so a quick lunch was needed. This is one of my go to meals - brown rice, peas, sweetcorn, spinach and spices. So simple, yet so delicious! 

Spiced Rice & Veg - What I Ate Today | Vegan


Tea was a little bit of recipe testing and this was the creation - a green goodness pie (there will be a recipe in the future)

Green Pie - What I Ate Today | Vegan


I love having some kind of snack and lately these double chocolate shortcakes by minimalist baker have been my obsession!  I find they are a lot like scones and love topping them with a bit of strawberry jam. They are becoming an addiction, I've probably gone through about a batch a week (by myself)

Of course I had to have my cup of tea with them - perfect way to end the day. Yes, I drink my tea through a straw. Don't judge.

Minimalist Baker's Double Chocolate Shortcake & Jam - What I Ate Today | Vegan

What is something you've been loving lately food wise?

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  1. i love these sort of posts as well, everything looks so good! avocado toast & smoothies are my go-to :)

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. They're so useful for inspiration. Thank you and I think I've only had avocado once, I may have to give it another go : )