Which Is The Best Paid Online Survey Site?


There are so many survey sites out there that can earn you some money! I'm sure you've all heard that it's a brilliant way to earn some extra money, but it would take up a huge amount of time to get through them all.

At first, it can seem a bit of a task or chore to sit down and do a few surveys. But if you're anything like me, and can't sit there and simply watch TV or Youtube etc and you need to be doing something with your hands, completing surveys is such a great thing to do because you are doing something productive.

 So, I thought I'd put together a post sharing my experience with four that I've stuck with the longest and give my opinion on which is the best.

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I have been using Swagbucks for the longest, probably around a year and a half; but I did have a few months without logging in during that time, so a year frequently. Swagbucks is probably the most interactive out of the four as it doesn't just have surveys. Also, I've found that it is the website with the most surveys, which can be both a good and bad thing. There is a lot of opportunities to complete surveys suitable for you, but at the same time, sometimes it is hard to get through all of them each day - especially if you are signed up to other survey websites.

There are different sections of surveys on Swagbucks:
  • There are the gold surveys which, hinted by their name, do usually provide the biggest rewards. But they do tend to be few and far between. 
  • On the same page as the gold surveys there is the daily surveys in the top right hand corner and each one earns 60/70 swagbucks. Sometimes you qualify for a few in a day and that soon adds up.
  • There are partner surveys, which isn't my favourite section I feel as though they are the 'cheaper' version of the gold surveys as they can be quite time consuming without a large reward.
  • Then there is the peanut lab. This is probably my favourite section as the surveys tend to be quite quick to complete, you qualify for more and the rewards soon add up.
There is also a bunch of other ways to earn swagbucks: daily polls, watching videos on the site, playing games, searching the internet and even shopping (if you have the swagbutton installed). 

In the time I've been using Swagbucks, I've earned £100 and still have a few swagbucks left over. Bearing in mind that I didn't use all the features to earn this amount, I just stuck to the surveys and also the fact that, due to me being the age I am as there can be a lot of surveys geared towards an older age, I didn't complete every single survey the website had to offer. Redeeming the reward was very simple and the money was in my paypal account within a few days.

Global Test Market

I only started using Global Test Market in around March this year, and within around 6 months I earned £80 with some market points still left over. Since redeeming the first reward, it took me around 2-3 weeks to earn another £20! Redeeming the reward was very simple and the money was in my paypal account within a few days.

On average, the typical survey on this website is worth around 30 market points. However, if you don't qualify for the survey, or you screen out, then you earn entries into the quarterly prize draw. A prize draw happens 4 times a year (sadly I haven't won anything....yet). There is one first prize of £500, two second place prizes of £250 and then 100 prizes of £5. 

One thing I really like about this website is that you get emails when there are new surveys, so you are actually reminded about doing them. Also, you aren't bombarded with a bunch of surveys everyday. I typically got at least one a day but I don't think I ever got any more than 4.


I'm pretty sure I began using Toluna around November last year and have yet to redeem any rewards from it. But I will admit I haven't used this website as frequently as the others, as it is the one I tend to forget about the most. 

One thing I do like about this website is that the surveys are labelled before you click on them so you are made aware of the topic of it. For example, the categories are food, lifestyle, computing and internet, travel and business etc. Also you can interact with other users by creating your own polls, topically questions etc. However, I've never really used this as I feel like it is a bit of a waste of time.

There is a pretty good range of surveys shared on Toluna and you can earn anywhere between 30 and 3500+ points. However, I found that I screened out of the most surveys on Toluna. As a result of this, I've found it takes the longest to earn anything from it which probably explains my infrequent use of it.

Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is the latest survey platform I have begun using. I began using this website around 2 months ago and I'm pretty impressed with it. 

Firstly, it is different from the other websites as you can physically see the amount of money you have earned and how much each survey is worth - which isn't always motivating as 19p doesn't really sound like a lot. But as with the others, there is a range on the incentives. 

Also, I feel like it's very similar to Swagbucks as, not only are there different sections, you can also earn money by completing tasks, using it as a search engine and playing games. However, like with Swagbucks, I only stuck to the surveys. 

There are the peanut lab, opinion and clint surveys which are available to complete everyday. The peanut lab surveys can range between 19p and 38p but sometimes there are ones which are worth more. Clint surveys are also similar in terms of a varying reward. Then opinion surveys are all worth 30p.

On top of this, there are also additional surveys which get emailed to you and these are varying in rewards of 20p +. And finally, there is also the feature of paid emails which are, you guessed it, paid emails. They get emailed to you and all you have to do is simply click on 'confirm paid email' and you've earned 1p. Some days a get around four paid emails and others I only get one. Yes, I'm aware that 1p isn't much but it literally only takes a second to do and over time, on top of surveys, it will help build up.

I have yet to redeem any reward from Inbox Pounds so I can't report on the transaction, but using this website infrequently for the past 2 months has earned me £13 - so obviously if I had used it everyday or to it's full extent that would probably be double or even triple.

What You Would Have To Do To Earn £5

This is just a rough estimate

Swagbucks - 5 daily surveys (60 each), 5 gold surveys (around 60 each), 20 peanut lab surveys (if they averaged out at around 30 swagbucks each) and 19 daily polls.

Global Test Market - around 7 surveys, worth around 30 market points each.

Toluna - Around 13 surveys if they averaged out at around 2000 each. Bearing in mind on Toluna you can only redeem a £35 paypal gift card.

Inbox Pounds - Around 12 peanut lab surveys (averaging at around 28p each), around 5 opinion surveys (30 each) and 14 paid emails. Bearing in mind you can only redeem money once you've earned a minimum of £20.

In Conclusion

Here's a nice little table to sum up my usage of the websites.

I would rank the websites as...

1. Global Test Market
2. Inbox Pounds
3. Swagbucks
4. Toluna

And finally, if you do decide to sign up to any of these websites then I'd love if you could use these referral links:
Inbox Pounds

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Do you use any of these or do you have another brilliant one to share?

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  1. OH I need to start doing surveys, I find filling in questionnaires kind of a guilty pleasure, so this sounds perfect for me x


    1. Hahaha, definitely do, I've grown to quite enjoy it.

  2. I'm definitely the type who needs to do something else while I'm sitting and watching TV - this sounds like a good an option as any!

  3. I've used a few different paid survey sites over the years (PureProfile, SurveyChoice [formerly WDYT] and Global Test Market) but I rarely do the surveys these days, as the pay is quite poor...like, it works out to be $6 an hour or something ridiculous...so I feel like I have better things to do with my time. But in reality...visiting other blogs and surfing the net isn't going to pay me $6/hour, so I would probably be better off doing the surveys instead haha :D

    1. Hahaha, my mum has done gone through quite a few survey sites over the years but I found my favourites and just doing a few a day earns towards something. I think its a great little thing to do whilst just watching tv or something.

  4. Great post! Pinned and tweeted. Thanks for stopping by and partying with us! I hope to see you on Monday at 7 pm, so we can pin and tweet your masterpieces! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Great post! I've always wondered about surveys. Thanks for the info :) www.littlehelsb.com x

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