Hello dear friends...if any of you are still around...

Yes, as you may have noticed, I've been pretty absent the past 9ish months. In all honesty I lost my blogging mojo. It got to the point where I wasn't necessarily happy with spending time on the blog and felt I was sharing content because I had to stick to a schedule, which resulted in me disappearing for a while. 

But with my first year of university done (what?! How did that happen? How am I a third of the way through my degree...) and with a returned urge to share content, I've decided to get back into the blogosphere. 

So what is this post about? Eventbrite is currently running ''a fun summer project in the spirit of squashing FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), getting people away from Netflix and Chill, and into the habit of GOMO (Going Out More Often)''. It got me thinking...

Instead of worrying about missing out on things, meaning you may throw yourself here, there and everywhere trying to take part in whatever activity, gathering or event, do things for you. Go out more often and do things you want to do! Switch from a materialistic mindset to one that wants to fill summer with memories and experiences. Whether that be going kayaking for the first time, going to a festival or simply camping in a random place with a bunch of friends for a few days. You could even hold your own event and sell tickets or just search for ones to attend using Eventbrite. You don't necessarily have to spend a whole bunch of money to have a fun summer either - for example instead of spending that hard-earned dollar on an all inclusive holiday and then lounging by the pool for the whole two weeks (I don't mean to offend anyone who enjoys that btw) why not lower your budget and try backpacking, staying in hostels and exploring destinations in a different way. 

Travelling backpackers photo, standing on top of a lookout point
If you throw yourself into something new or something you may have wanted to do for a while and just been too nervous to, then just go for it! 

This has actually been the way I've been thinking recently and that's why I'm pretty happy to be writing this post. For the past few years I've really wanted to travel, experience different countries and cultures. Growing up, most of my holidays were in the UK, apart from two to France, and I want to explore more of this bootiful world - I think most people do to be honest. Late last year, I took a big jump and signed myself up for working at a camp in Canada. After going through the process of applying, getting placed and preparing, I'm flying on Tuesday! I'll be there till the end of August then a week at home before I head of to Germany for a few days with a friend.

Am I scared? Yes. Am I looking forward to creating new experiences and memories? Yes. Am I happy I'm doing it? Yes, and that's the important part, I'm doing something I want to instead of holding back or doing something else because of FOMO with people I already know.

So that's how I'm spending my summer. I'm shocked that it is me who is saying this because I'd never imagine myself to be the sort of person to actually do things like this - and I'm so darn proud of myself (go Kathryn). 

What are your plans over summer? I'd love to know and get some ideas for the future. 

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