4 Day trip to Munich - What to do and where to go?


The travels of summer continued, after I got back from Canada, with a short trip to Munich. The idea of visit was a slight joke at first and was right up until the moment me and a friend booked the flights. With the hotel booked and a few ideas of things to do noted down we were set.

After a delayed flight and an hour on public transport, we arrived at the hotel around midnight...and crashed. It was a lovely hotel I must say, we paid £63 each for 4 nights and although we weren't smack bang in the middle of the city center we weren't far at all.

Neuschwanstein Castle, view from the bridge

As we enjoy breakfast the next morning we planned to just explore the city - without making solid plans on where to go. Can we just take a moment, on this first day we walked a total of around 36,000 steps! So what did we get up to, to manage that amount of steps? We left the hotel around 9am and first visited the Munich Rezidenz and wow, the interior was amazing. There was a huge statue, which was more of a door entrance seeing as it had doors in it, made out of shells. The hallway/gallery was just stunning and the decor in some of the rooms was beautiful. It was well worth the visit for a €6 admission for students (reminder to any students, take your student card with you everywhere! You'd be surprised at how handy it comes in). 

Munich Rezidenz building

Once we left the Rezidenz it was around 12ish so opted to head to a Starbucks because it's one place you know will always have WiFi, and when travelling it's always handy to do a quick search to see if there is anything going on in and around where you are. But of course, the boost of energy is always greatly welcomed. 

The exploring of Munich continued, with stumbling upon so many beautiful churches - I swear they got more and more beautiful as we went along. I loved how they were dotted around the city and each one was unique.We also wandered around Viktualienmarkt - a lot of the stalls catered to tourists but still they were cute to browse at.

Munich marienplatz glockenspiel show

Finally, we headed for dinner at a family owned vegetarian restaurant called Ignaz. Oh wow, it was delicious! We accidentally ended up ordering off the 3 course meal and didn't realise until we were asked to pick a dessert and we replied with "we're good thank you" and were then told "it's included in the meal". With the start we thought it was just a given for a salad to be included. But I suppose that is the issue with not knowing much of a language - I know what a few things were on the menu luckily. After the salad, we had a delicious ratatouille gratin and then picked a strawberry streusel to take back to the hotel because we were stuffed. I was so surprised to find out the meal only cost around €17 - that's amazing for the yummy food and a nice big portion size!

Day 2 began with a bit of palaver at breakfast. We were happily sat there enjoying the amazing buffet breakfast and a worker comes to check our room number (which didn't happen the day previous), turns out we weren't down for bed and breakfast, just the room. She then told us that it would be €10 each...But, and it was so lovely of her, she smiled and said she'd turn a blind eye for that day.

Today's plan was to go to Neuschwanstein castle, so we left around 8:30 to catch the subway to the main station then the 2 hour train tFüssen, then the buses to the castles. If you are looking for the best way to get to the castles using public transport, get the Bayern ticket which costs around €14 and covers the whole of Bavaria and you can use it on buses, trains and trams! 

Neuschwanstein castle entrance, castle building

Originally we had planned to walk the 40 minute walk up to the castle, however by the time we got there we didn't have enough time before our tour started (which I prebooked to avoid disappointment), so caught the shuttle bus up and walked down. Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow. Firstly, the view of the surrounding landscape was just beautiful. The castle was a whole other story. Sadly I don't have photographs from inside the castle as it isn't allowed, but take my word for it, the interior is just stunning. Especially the kings bedroom. The tour lasts for 30 and is the only way you can view the castle, but it was actually very nice to be talked through the history. One thing I found out was the castle isn't even finished, it was planned to have 80 rooms but only 17 were finished (I think) in the 15 years of building before the king died and work stopped.

Neuschwanstein castle and hohenschwangau castle. View of landscape surrounding the castles

We stopped off in Füssen for around an hour before the train was due and it was adorable, plus we got some vegan ice-cream!!! More great food followed when we went to an Italian for dinner which turned out to be a bit too fancy for our trainers, raincoats and workout pants. The vegan option was spaghetti and veg in a creamy sauce...and I was given a fork and spoon. I normally avoid spaghetti when eating out because I just can't eat it without it flicking all over my face. I'd seen people use a spoon with spaghetti before but boy I struggled, and the waiter kept walking past giving me a strange look. 

Day 3 was another palaver. We planned to go to a Bavarian town so again left early, got on a 1.5 hour train ride, got there and all we found was a very quiet, non Bavarian looking town next to a motorway...So we got spontaneous and got on the next train to go where ever that was going. Turns out we stumbled upon a lovely place called Rosenheim, half the people we saw were dressed in traditional German clothing, which was so cool to see. We thought there may be an event on so slyly followed a group of people and ended up at a fair with a huge beer tent, stands selling pretzels, nuts, chocolates, those cute little gingerbread hearts and of course rides. It turned out a pretty good day to say the least.

Bavarian town Germany, decorated beer barrels

Day 4 and sadly our last day, we checked out of the hotel and explored the city some more - note to self, always take backpacks because carrying a holdall around all day is so uncomfortable. We headed to marienplatz for 11am to watch/listen to the glockenspiel and also took a trip up the clock tower to see the view of Munich. As a nice end to the trip, and because my fellow travel partner like me is a fan of cats and she'd never been to a cat cafe, I found cafe Katzentempel, an all vegan cat cafe! 

View of Munich from the clock tower

We then parted at the airport (and yet again I had a delayed flight) and journyed home.

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